Kaiten (turn)

Recently I had a lovely day on the weekend. My friends and I did a ceramics session at my friend's place. I was the only one who does ceramics as a full time job - my friends are beginners and haven't had much wheel throwing experience. My friend has an electric wheel but it goes in the opposite direction to mine (which is the common Aussie way) and it doesn't have a switch to let you change the direction (my wheel in Aus doesn't have one either). In Japan most people throw clockwise (only a few traditional places are doing it the other way). So I'm a clockwise user! Since I came to Australia I had an interesting time because of the wheel direction. I couldn't make decent work because I couldn't find a clockwise turning wheel so I had a little bit of a struggle. I love throwing but I just couldn't do it! But because of this circumstance, I concentrated on hand building - especially slab building. Even now, while I've got a wheel that turns the right way for me, I'm still making hand built stuff most of time. Anyway, I took my electric wheel along to my friend's place so there were two electric wheels working and my friends were wrestling with the clay. Mud spitting everywhere! Just as they were getting the hang of it, I had to say "STOP!!", because we had a plan to go to GoMA to listen to Mel's talk about Gwyn Hanssen Pigott's work at GoMA. I thought it would be good for my friends to listen to a ceramic artist's talk. The talk went really well and we really enjoyed it! Mel is such a good speaker and I could see that she was enjoying herself. That is why I called this weekend LOVELY!! Apparently my friends have sore muscles though. haha!