Infiltration 2009

In 2009, Kenji Uranishi, Donna Marcus and Gemma Smith were engaged by Cox Rayner Architects to develop artwork for the foyer of a new commercial building in Brisbane City: 400 George. Working with Consulting Curator and art project Manager, Jacqueline Armistead, Kenji produced an installation of around 200 hand-built, rectangular porcelain pieces which feature in timber grid frames throughout the building foyer.  

“Water is a little like time, flowing in and out, always moving, never the same. The way it flows depends on the elements within nature that shape its path. Tides are constant reminders of the ebb and flow—the water rushes in and then drains away, rhythmically and always to time. But it’s not just nature that sees the ebb and flow of water, wind, people and time. It’s evident in many everyday structures—houses, buildings, people and trees.” — Kenji