Inner Circle, 2014

Kenji was honoured to be invited to participate in An important exhibition of Australian Ceramics curated by Prue Venables at Moss Green Gallery. The exhibition featured a beautiful selection of works from 25 artists and was a tribute to the late Janet Mansfield OAM and her significant contribution to Australia's ceramic culture. 

“Exquisite craftsmanship and an interest in the geometrical patterning of both architectural and natural landscapes underpin the work of Kenji Uranishi. Our world is filled with patterns, often constructed from simple repetitive elements—stacked, interconnected, sometimes visible, sometimes hidden, but essential to each other. Our lives are littered with examples—skin and bone cells; hair follicles standing in parallel; hidden stumps bearing a building; an ephemeral stack of cards; even the tumbling notes of a Bach Fugue. Kenji’s heritage, which draws from longstanding Japanese ceramic traditions, and his courage to work in fine porcelain—the most difficult of materials—combine to result in work of the utmost delicacy. The hand joining of porcelain required here embodies virtuosic technique and extreme risk. Imaginative and sophisticated, these structures gently refract and divert light—provoking shadows, implied time, movement, and a sense of containment—their surfaces sensitively reflecting gorgeous material qualities and inviting wonder.”

Prue Venables, Curator