“There’s something that draws us towards the imperfections of individuals, and I believe there’s something special about how this translates into producing unique ceramic works.” — Kenji

"The Sanctuary works, possess a special poignancy, considering that in the year they were made, more than 200,000 homes were destroyed as a result of the catastrophic events of March 2011 (a year of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis in north-eastern Japan) . Defying gravity and mundane mortal laws, these works express hope, calm and respite in a world filled with turmoil and uncertainty. Though the artist claims that his works contain no social or philosophical meaning, an underlying direction and strength is easily divined from these extraordinary sculptures. Like the tonic music of Estonian composer Arvo Pärt, each of Uranishi's sculptures resounds as a single perfectly played note. When viewed as a group, the sanctified spaces between these notes provide space for reflection, restoration and comfort." 

Andrew Baker Art Dealer